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Trending Designer Services for Urban Dwellers

It's the new and next offering to make setting up home infinitely easier and almost instantly enjoyable for urban dwellers. Bundled designer services deliver convenience and value for busy people wanting easy to access luxury styled interior furnishings and move-in services.


Empty apartment, now what ?

1. I'm new to this city

2. I like nice things but I'm so busy and don't trust myself to choose

3. I want my place to look great

4. I want it to look impressive but don't want to spend too much money

5. I'm really busy and can't handle this on my own

6. I don't want this to take forever

You're not alone.

With almost 4,000 brand new luxury apartment units introduced in the downtown Chicago area each year, there are an abundance of choices. On average 50% of apartment units change hands each year so there is a clear need for move-in services and professional help designing and furnishing those beautiful new apartments.

“I really have no idea where to start. I saw the beautiful model units but can I get that same designer look ?"

Let's face it. Is it worth spending the first 2 or 3 months of your lease trying to figure this out piecemeal? Shopping, receiving, lugging, unpacking and installing while hoping it all comes together as envisioned? That definitely takes the fun out of moving in to a dream apartment.

Your 2 Strategies.

A number of furniture retailers offer free interior design consultation. Have your floor plan with dimensions in hand before you go shopping. Your sales person or designer will need that to advise you on what will fit. They will be showing only what they display so if you like everything you see in the store including the price points and delivery times and terms this approach may be a good fit for you. Ask if they offer other installation services that would aid you in getting settled all at once. You may need painting or window treatments which will be another connection to make. Of course there's the task of setting up a kitchen and bathrooms and outfitting the television and audio installation hook-ups, wall decor mounting, lightbulbs, extension cords, hangers, mattresses, supplies and a million other details.

The best alternative would be a one stop solution that simplifies the selection process by presenting bundled interior design choices that can be personalized and tailored to fit most any apartment dimension. For the more discriminating bespoke interiors can be rendered as well. Included would be white glove installation of everything as well all other move-in requirements which can be added on. SLATE draws from an infinite number of exclusive designer sources to compose exclusive room scenes and coordinated styling packages to bring each apartment to life. SLATE's turnkey process is designed to make transitioning worry and hassle free which would include thinking of a million other impressive details.

Curated SLATEspace™ styling


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